Characters: Cyroa, Ghostwrighter

Guilds : Payback

Hunted: Always

Location: NL

Languages: English, Dutch

Doleran since: the beginning

Additional Information:

Stefan started out playing Dolera with his little brother Remon. They spent several months leveling, till they decided they had enough and wanted to pk which they did for a while. They spent most their time in Darashia and Ankrahmun killing players that hunted the larva caves and the tombs. After spending some time slowly losing levels through many deaths from the near nonstop playerkilling, Stefan with his team, fought against the lone Adrasteia, aka Jon, who being a few levels ahead and faster, managed to kill a few of Stefan's small team before escaping. Jon invited Stefan to pk with him and began a notorious career being feared and respected as a bloodthirsty pkej. Stefan eventually retired from Tibia after Jon did and went to college where he became a frat boy.

List of kills above 45Edit