Master Sorcerer

Maximum level: 106

Guilds: Pandemonium, Devious Angels, Order of the Dragon
Additional Characters: Orelius Typingfist, Ron Para, Oreli
Hunted: No
Real Name: Kris
Location: Canada
Languages: English, French
Doleran since: 2006
Additional Information: Orelius (real name Kris with K without H) is a Tibia player from Maple Ridge, Canada. As most people from Maple Ridge, Orelius is a creepy redneck mushroom farmer who lives with his parents in a shack with no running water somewhere in the woods.

Beginning Days as Ron Para

Kris started Dolera playing the character Ron Para. After that character was hacked he later returned to troll the forums and make an doleragnedary name for himself in that way. 



Orelius' account creation dates from 2003, which makes him over 9000 years old. He has since then played Tibia at least 5 hours a day, Orelius' main goals as a Canadian were to bring the world of Dolera peace and cure Mexican cancer by being a role-playing douchebag member of the ancient guild, composed of equally douchebag members, The Order Of The Dragon. Having failed miserably and getting abused countless times daily for having zero PvP skills and not grasping the true concept of a world such as Dolera, Orelius then decided it was best to become a full time brown-nosing cretin in order to put in practice his secret plan of transforming Dolera into a colorful world populated with rainbow unicorn ponies and emo kids.

Joining Pandemonium

Orelius joined Pandemmonium only to find out he'd have to learn about tacos and feijoada and run small errands like being an SD rune supplier for many wars to come for the rest of his e-life. As consequence of all the mana-sitting, Orelius pretty much gave up his aspirations and started creating Tibia accounts and immediately forgetting their passwords, reporting other players for the lulz, and trolling the Dolera forums.

Present Day

As of November 2010, Orelius is once again a Premium player due to stealing his mom's credit card. Hopefully the transaction will be disputed and the mother will have her hard earned money back and his account perma-banned.

Orelius still enjoys being perceived as a peaceful player on a PvP enforced world, and he will kill and report you for being a low level with a different opinion than his and/or questioning his sexuality.

Someone actually got trolled!

im sick of you and your forum behavior you lollygagging, jabberjawing, neanderthalling, foolishly quotating, evaporating, insulting and insult-like statement making would be little man you have an interjection for everything spat upon thy forum wall
keep your petty squabbles to yourself

Goon of Doom, on Orelius' chat sense while impersonating Quasar Nebula.


  • Orelius' favorite book is Tibia Rules.
  • Orelius wishes the spell exevo gran mas vis (Rage of the Skies) was renamed pluit hominum! (It's raining men!).
  • Orelius has 939489849842 alternate characters for trolling purposes and truly believes he's funny.
  • Orelius is a masochist. The only plausible explanation for anyone playing on Dolera.
  • Orelius will report you.
  • Orelius once played Dolera as Ron Para.