Niko is the real-life name of a player on Dolera. He has played the following characters:

  • Grand Mage Seth, a master sorcerer.
  • Owun, a master sorcerer which he purchased for around $500 USD at level 180+. He later moved to Inferna with this character, then renamed it twice. It is currently known as Zappy Zap.
  • Deyz, his current character which he plays on Dolera, having transfered it from Inferna.

Niko is known for being the person that many people choose to find annoying. He has been encouraged by others' behaviours, and gone with the image, endeavoring to annoy others to prolong his spotlight. He has attempted, for the sake of attention, to appear: funny, racist, annoying, sexist, and for other reasons, objectionable.

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