The New Bedford Crew was a term originally coined to refer to the Doleran players who, in real life, lived in New Bedford, U.S.A.. Examples of these players are: Rayne Outlaw, Hemlock Outlaw, Naughty Outlaw, and the late Exploring Gurl. However, through its use, the term was expanded to refer to not only those players from New Bedford, but as well those who are closely tied to them, such as Lizzoyd and Fiark.

As of 2010, the term is no longer used as much as it used to be. Players frequently now refer to the team as the "Americans", or the "American Team". This is because many former members of this fraternity have retired, and many others have joined. As a result, the only remaining active member who lives in New Bedford is Rayne Outlaw. Most of the other players of this inner circle of friends are, however, American, which is why it is referred to as the American Team. Exceptions include Saint Adrian and Sharp Dressed Man, who are both Canadian.

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