092311 RangerArt

"There's gotta be a Tavern around here somewhere..."

"My story? Longer than one would wish to listen to, none too exciting either. Grew up on a farm in some remote section of the world, a place that shall, and will forever, continue to be nameless. As for my travels? Well... there has not been a place that I have not seen yet. My life has always belonged to the road, my love of music, and fine drink."

That was fun. In many respects I've been enjoying my time on Dolera and look forward to what lies ahead. Hopefully I'll become strong enough, soon, to put up a worthy match against the many bloodthirsty individuals that roam these lands. Relatively new to Tibia and lack connections. Not entirely interested in pursuing a posistion with any of the "Top Dogs" at the current time of this written word. Why did I bother to take the time to post this up here? Who knows. I thought it could be interesting to do something like this for once, even though it wont last long against the people who enjoy to deface these pages. But hopefully that will stay to a minimum. Not really looking to get on anyones bad side.

If you were wondering what was up with the first paragraph, I can tell you. I enjoy to Roleplay. Not much of that goes on in Tibia anymore and very doubtful that any does in Dolera as well but, in the case that some people do, now you know. Also, not that kind of Roleplay.

Overall, I'm an easy person to get along with. I know Dolera isn't the kind of place for making friends easily but, you know, the chance that I do get to meet some good people is fair enough. Anyways, I suppose this part will be cut short for now. Take care, all.

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