Lady Sooz is an old player of Dolera who is known for her attitude and being the wife of Lowix in real life.

Her kind nature, beautiful voice and interesting humor has cemented her in the history of Dolera.

Real Life PicturesEdit

Most tibia players, despite their protests otherwise, are virgins. You can see here a demonstration of their sexual frustrations in the form of photoshop. Poorly. Done. Photoshop.

  • Lady Sooz draining all the air around her.
  • Snapshot of a marriage proposal by webcam.
  • Fan Art: Lady Sooz before Photoshop.
  • Fan Art: Lady Sooz chewing a Vampire.

The WeddingEdit

Largely regarded as one of the most heavily attended and heavily punctuated marriages in the history of Tibia. Lady Sooz was wed in a glorious ceremony, upon the sacred protection zone of the Tibianic, Greenshore.

Value AddEdit

Lady Sooz has quite an impressive set of breasts.

Her willingness to sell loot for the team is a massive benefit of which everyone is eternally grateful. She asks for nothing in return, and, as a result is highly respected and looked after. She is like a mother to Dolera.

Having fought on both sides and amongst almost every team, Lady Sooz is renowned for her tenacity and linguistics. Speaking 4 languages fluently, she is capable of translations and mitigations far beyond that of your typical tibia nerd. There are few players as valuable of a resource for helping maintain peace and prospertity amongst a team.