Jay-Jay The Sorcerer is the name of a master sorcerer on Dolera. He is a very old player on the server, but his influence on the server was pretty small. He originally started playing Dolera in October 2004. Jay-Jay was one of the few RPG:ers the server had and quickly joined the oldest guild on Dolera, Order of the Dragon. Back in 2006 he was the leader of the guild, but resigned as leader and passed it on to Julien Brightside when he joined the Samurais in Silks. Shortly after he got hunted off the server in march 2007 by Edkeys and haven't played at the server since then.

The swede is the first one on Tibia to make an official irl movie. Also, he was a big forum spammer and was first at Dolera with 10,000 posts.