Eruanno is the name of an elite knight on Dolera. He is a very old player on the server, and one with a severe influence on the history of Tibia. He originally started playing Dolera in August 2004. Becoming a high level knight with impressive skills despite his poor Tibia internet connection from Australia, he wielded one of his two Swords of Valor in his slaughterings of, literally, almost 5000 players. Eruanno has killed many famous players who still are on Dolera today, such as Lowix. He retired from Tibia in December of 2006 to work as a full-time C++ programmer and finish his university study. Despite his retirement in 2006, he remained the knight with the highest sword fighting and shielding skill on Dolera for over a year.

Eruanno returned for a brief period in April 2009, and again from March to May 2010, and again regained the top shielding skill. However, he is now leaving the players in peace, and not slaughtering them.

Eruanno in Venore depot during the war against the Paras

Real Life PicturesEdit

  • Young Eruanno.
  • Leveled up Eruanno.
  • Eruanno dead irl
  • Eruanno with Jesus irl