Dred Nightfrost is a character who was originally owned by a guy named Joe. Brother of Rohons Rage, and real life of Aequitas McManus, and Yendor. Dred Nightfrost participated in the Shisengumi War, and can be seen in several youtube videos playing as Dred Nightfrost or his noob char, Adrian Ghoststep. Before the Shisengumi War, Dred Nightfrost, ran an open tibia server where he coded his own magebomb (this was before Blackd Proxy released theirs), and was the main owner of the 9999 year/20 computer Blackd Proxy license, which was shared amongst the group of friends. After the Shisengumi War, Dred Nightfrost, went back to developing open tibia servers, where Brandy McManus found his open tibia server once again, and played under a different name. Eventually Brandy McManus was awarded GameMaster, even though she had once robbed Dred Nightfrost's real life friend, Aequitas McManus. To make a long story short, Brandy McManus, called Dred Nightfrost, when his open tibia server crashed, and recieved login information, to restart the server remotely. Dred Nightfrost was hacked by Brandy McManus, after getting into a fight with him over the conduct of premium users on his server, several weeks later. Dred Nightfrost is still owned by the original owner, but is completly inactive at this time.thumb|500px|left|Shisengumi War video