Brandy McManus was a character played by a guy named Branden, but pretended to be a girl for most of his time on Dolera. Brandy McManus was created before the Shisengumi war, when Dred Nightfrost's open tibia server was shut down, due to the anticipation of a revenge war against Pandemonium and Lowix. Brandy Mcmanus, was given access to Dred Nightfrost's 9999 year/20 computer Blackd Proxy license to use, as she leveled and manasit her character. Brandy Mcmanus thiefed Aequitas McManus's house as he was hunting vampires; it is said that Aequitas was told to remove Brandy from the invite list, but was out hunting and was going to remove it once he got back; which was too late. During the theft, Brandy, was interupted by one of Aequitas's friends, who she told that she was simply redecorating the house, which bought her some time. The thievery succeded. Once Aequitas McManus got back to his hosue, he confronted Brandy in private message, and cried to his friends. Rohons Rage, Dred Nightfrost, and Yendor, all messaged Brandy McManus, making threats and pleas. Dred Nightfrost, stated that if Brandy had waited to do the theft, she could of hit the team harder, by robbing three of the teams houses. (Yendor's hosue, Cedas's house, Dred Nightfrost's house).

A year or so after the theft, Brandy McManus, resurfaced and once again started playing Dred Nightfrost's open tibia server. She appoligized for her theft of Aequitas McManus's house, and the team seemed to accept the appology. Eventually Dred Nightfrost, gave Brandy a GM on his server, and one day the server was freezing, so Brandy called Dred Nightfrost, and recieved his login details, to remotely reboot the server. Several weeks later, Brandy got into a disagreement with Dred Nightfrost, and Yendor about how premium players should be treated on the server, and got dismissed. Once Brandy stopped playing the server, she used the informations he had, and his knowledge of Dred Nightfrost, and his real life friends, to hack the e-mail address used for the Dred Nightfrost account. Brandy McManus, gave several kills of Dred NightFrost to Larz, after she messaged Pandemonium members, none of them would respond; and sold several others, and left the character above level 45, claiming he did not want to ruin a legend. Account was later recovered.