Pre-Bloodshaded History Edit

Bloodshaded originally played a character named Silent Outkast. The character was created in May, 2005, and he made it on Dolera playing as a free account player all the way up until April, 2006, when he decided to upgrade to premium.

Another character that he played before Bloodshaded was named Alchemist Ninja.

He spent a large amount of his gaming time prior to the 8.0 update playing Open Tibia servers, where he practiced his PvP skills.

Bloodshaded Edit

Bloodshaded was created in February, 2007 after obtaining permission from Blackshaded (also known as Ethn Sin, Censure and JDP) to make the character name, which came along with protection.

He is known for being elitist towards bad players even if they're on his own team. He also posseses a hot-headed attitude towards dying to monsters due to network failures, once quitting Tibia for half a year after losing a knight armor due to a kick in dwarf guards, and not returning until he got a better internet connection.

Bloodshaded is most recognized for his consistency in PvP and the war videos he makes that can be found on YouTube. Most of all he passionately hates people who use bots for PvP, in essence because of the majority of his time that he used to spend as a low level on Dolera, playing 7.6 war OTs so he could prepare for wars as a high level. His dreams were crushed by the Tibia update 8.0, which introduced the current hotkey system, through which players could aim runes directly onto others by simply pressing a button on their keyboard.